Energy Environment

The Energy and Environment Platform addresses companies and public authorities that face the societal challenges of the climate change and the sustainability by:

  • methods, methodologies, monitoring and monitoring systems, ETV, LCA, LCC e LCA-social
  • industrial symbiosis, bio-economy, eco-system services, eco-design, REACH, energy efficiency, sustainable energy, transport mobility and logistics
  • efficiency use of the waters, waste waters and raw materials
ASTER contact: 
Sara Picone |
  • APM Advanced Polymer Materials Srl
  • CIDEA Centro Interdipartimentale per l'Energia e l'Ambiente
  • CIRI FRAME Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca Industriale Fonti Rinnovabili, Ambiente, Mare ed Energia
  • CRPA LAB Laboratorio CRPA LAB
  • Gruppo CSA GRUPPO C.S.A. S.p.a.
  • LAERTE Laboratorio ENEA per l' Efficienza energetica e la sicurezza
  • LEA Laboratorio ENEA per l'Ambiente
  • LEAP LEAP s.c.a r.l. Laboratorio Energia Ambiente Piacenza
  • NIERING NIER Ingegneria Spa
  • Proambiente Proambiente S.C.r.l.
  • Raw Power
  • Terra&AcquaTech Laboratorio in rete - Tecnopolo - Terra&Acqua Tech