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Results: 185
Acoustic methods for solid food texture evaluation (cheese, watermelon, pasta, etc.)
Acoustics and vibration measurements
Analysis and research on post sterilization technologies for containers
Analysis of chemical compositions and qualitative characteristics of lipid fractions of pig carcasses and thighs
Analysis of contaminants and allergens in raw materials and finished products, flavour analysis, analysis of simple and complex carbohydrates
Analysis of grape, fruits and food processing left-overs
Analysis of packaging regulations
Analysis of possible reuse and recycle of packaging materials
Analysis of standards and regulations: laws and guidelines for protected, biological raw material, and processing
Analysis of standards and regulations: laws and guidelines for protected, typical and biological raw material
Analysis of the physical, rheological, chemical, microbial, and sensorial properties during storage
Analytical methods for detection of allergens of vegetal origin and hidden allergens in food products
Analytical methods for detection of microbial contamination in food (bacteria, viruses, moulds, yeasts)
Analytical methods for the detection of nanoparticles (metal nanoparticles, nanofibres and nanocapsules) in raw materials and finished products
Analytical methods for the evaluation of the effects of industrial processing on nutritional value of foods
Analytical tests for shelf-life characterization
Assessment of the environmental impact (LCA) of one or more packagings
Biomarker identification to assess the effects of bioactive components in humans
Biorefinery for the exploitation and valorisation of by products and waste from agrofood and feed industry
Characterization of microbial components, vegetal and animal species
Characterization of polymeric material by differential scanning calorimetry and NMR
Characterization of products of microbial origin: biomass, metabolites, natural antibiotics. Conversion and transformation processes of food an by-products
Characterization of soluble fibre in functional food
Characterization of the composition of food products
Chemical analyses for food quality and safety (off-flavours, plasticizers)
Chemical and chemo-physical analysis on meat and vegetal products
Colour analysis with destroing and non-destroying techniques
Combined stabilization strategies to enhance shelf-life and food safety
Conceptual development of machines and plants with QFD (Quality Function Deployment)
Consultation for techniques of Design of experiments (DoE)
Consumer science
Contamination analysis of pre- and post-extrusion recycled material
Definition of product specifications and analytical methods of verification
Design and virtual optimization with Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tools and simulation of discrete events
Design of exnzymatic processes for transformations or bioconversions: ptimization of the processing conditions and characterization of the product
Design of experiment (DoE) and Food Design to study interaction between formulation and process conditions
Design of new molecular markers for assisted selection (MAS) for vegetal products
Design of new molecular markers for traceability of specific varietal components
Determination of the protein variation during product processing (i.e. dairy and meat products)
Development of new active and intelligent packaging