A collection of case histories of successful collaborations between High Technology Network Laboratories and businesses. These are tangible and customisable examples of the application of new technologies, products, or services that show how industrial research can meet the needs of innovation.

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Additive manufacturing applied to tubular reluctance electric machines

Innovative materials and new manufacturing techniques for electric machines

This activity illustrates the design of a tubular synchronous reluctance linear motor, which mover is made by metal additive manufacturing. Tubular motors are used in industry for several advantages: zero radial force, direct linear motion (more...

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From cell to macroscopic forms: environmentally friendly 'light sheet' microscopy.

3D microscopy: from cell to macroscopic structure

Modern 'light sheet' microscopy techniques combined with three-dimensional image processing and analysis using high-powered computing media enable the visualisation of microscopic structures from an entire organ or even an entire lab mouse. This is...

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Biomechanical assessment of sport movements

360-degree analysis of a sports shoe (motor work and perception of effort)

In order to compare sports performance of athletes using different sports equipment, the laboratory provides biomechanical, bioenergetic and physiological assessment during sports movements such as running and walking. Available instrumentation...

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Tri-Dimensional HSLDS Isolators: Experimental Validation and Seismic Performance Under Near-Fault Earthquakes

Shaping a New Era in Vibration Mitigation

Each year, the global occurrence of over a million seismic events poses a severe threat, resulting in significant fatalities and infrastructure damage. To counteract this challenge, advancing building technologies and implementing early warning...

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Development of HVOF sprayed NbC-based coatings

Promising coatings for applications that require a balance of wear resistance and corrosion

Niobium carbide (NbC) has long been employed to produce bulk hardmetals, e.g. for cutting tools, but practically it has not been investigated as coatings. This contribution provides an overview of our research with NbC-based coatings with Ni- and Fe...

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Energy optimization of synchronous electric machines for household appliances

Control strategies for energy saving

The efficiency requirements of household appliances are increasingly stringent in response to the growing global demand for saving energy resources. This process involved the use of new technologies and the development of cutting-edge techniques to...

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Polysil Paper: a silica-based coating for waterproofing paper and paperboard

Against softening of packaging in contact with water, without affecting its recyclability

Paper, a staple of human civilization for centuries, is not without drawbacks.

Its hydrophilic nature and porous structure are some of the limitations of this material, making its application particularly problematic in wet environments or in direct...

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ENERGYNIUS - Energy Networks Integration for Urban Systems

A new paradigm for urban energy systems

Energy systems are undergoing a transition towards new planning and management models in which energy networks (heat, electricity, gas, transports, etc.) will be integrated with each other to maximise possible synergies (Smart Energy Systems).


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Chemical-physical characterization of hazardous waste with infectious risk

Assimilation to Municipal Solid Waste as a starting point for an End-of-Waste process

Each healthcare institution annually produces large quantities of various kinds of special waste, almost 80% of which is represented by EWC 18.01.03 hazardous hospital infectious waste.

The average annual production in Emilia-Romagna, an Italy...

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ADVANCED CARBONS: production and use

Advanced Carbons: from waste to useful materials

The main product of this technology is a char produced through thermochemical treatment of organic waste and functionalized for several specific applications by engineering the functionalization methods.

The service offered includes the recovery...

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Development of a hemofiltration auxiliary line for a multi-organ support device, with a pump-free system for ultrafiltration rate regulation

Fluid balance in extracoporeal circulation

Extracorporeal organ support therapies are increasingly spreading for the treatment of critically ill patients. Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) and carbon dioxide removal (ECCO2R) replicate the gas exchange functions of native lungs...

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Man at the center of autonomous processes: a case study on laser marking

Development of an autonomous system for laser marking to sup

An automatic system for laser marking was developed in cooperation with Robby Moto Engineering (RME), by adding a vision system to a LASIT commercial marker. The system is able to recognize the pieces inserted in the machine and autonomously complete...

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PLEINAIR Big Data platform for health and wellness for all age groups

Smart parks for health and social inclusion

The PLEINAIR Big Data Platform is designed to promote the adoption of active and healthy lifestyles for all age groups. In the PLEINAIR smart park, users can interact with Outdoor Smart Objects (OSOs): urban and recreational park furniture equipped...

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Optimize motion accuracy and efficiency

Instrumented test rig for fine-tuning and optimization of servomechanisms and/or single functional components, in particular precision reducers, servomotors and compensation joints.

The servomechanisms can be validated on specific load laws with...

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The most resistant materials in the world for space field

In the aerospace and fast transport sectors there is a growing demand for advanced structural materials capable of withstanding temperatures over 1500 °C in highly corrosive environments. Rocket nozzles and thermal protection systems for spacecraft...

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DIGIMAN - Solutions for the digitalisation of companies in the manufacturing sector

Digitization to support businesses

The DIGIMAN project aims to develop tools to support the transformation of a generic industrial machinery into a Cyber-Physical System. This result will be possible thanks to the definition and implementation of a hardware-software platform, called...

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Advanced ceramics by 3D extrusion based printing: from the development of ceramic raw materials to the creation of prototypes.

Low cost and sustainable 3D printing of advanced ceramics.

ENEA-TEMAF offers a complete service for the development of advanced ceramic components obtained by 3D printing with the technique based on paste extrusion. The printable ceramic pastes are water-based and characterized by a low organic content (<3%)...

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Methodologies for the dynamic design of mechanical transmissions

Silent and efficient spiral bevel gear transmissions

Spiral Bevel Gears (SBGs) play a significant role in transferring power between non-parallel shafts. Thanks to the high contact ratio, SBGs are smooth, quiet, and have the ability to bear high levels of torque and power; although, their complex...

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Eye Drop Aid - EDA

Device for self-administration of eye drops

EDA is a device assisting in the correct self- or assisted-administration of eye drops, solving the very common problem of low adherence to eye drop treatment and incorrect techniques of eye drop administration.

Even though EDA projecting required...

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Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D printing of ceramics

Shape ceramic materials with 3D printing

The use of 3D printing as a net-shape forming technique for technical ceramics opens the doors to the application of these materials even in sectors where high manufacturing costs prejudiced against their use. The most suitable AM techniques for...

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