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Results: 1052
"Transient and stable" cellular bio-sensors design, construction and validation
2D, 3D and 4D imaging and quantification
3D CAD and industrial design
3D modeling for museums exhibition design
3D modeling of human remains
3D vision
Acoustic analyses in anechoic and semi-anechoic chamber according to standards
Acoustic methods for solid food texture evaluation (cheese, watermelon, pasta, etc.)
Acoustics and vibration measurements
Acquisition and pre-processing of signals for model identification
Active control of noise and vibration
Ad hoc networks
Adaptive QoS
Additive manufacturing processes (3D printing, SLA rapid prototyping, etc.)
Advanced numerical modeling of aquaduct systems and application of optimization algorithms (management and loss mitigation)
Advanced Therapy Design (epithelial cells)
Advanced Therapy Design (fat cells)
Advanced Therapy Design (nervous cells)
Advanced Therapy Design (skeletal muscle cells)
Ageing test for the valorization and conservation of cultural heritage
Ageing tests for degradation products and verification of structural, petrophysical and textural changes
Agent coordination and roles
Agile software engineering
Air quality modeling
Algorithms and systems for fault detection
Algorithms for events prediction and classification
Algorithms for fault identification
Alternative fuels and distribution networks
Anaerobic digestion for materials and energy production
Analysis and economic evaluation of energy production from geothermal sources and analysis of the impact on aquifer.
Analysis and enhancement of production technologies of metals, ceramics, glasses, decorative surfaces
Analysis and models for groundwater resources management
Analysis and preliminary planning: Design project management (PDM / PLM)
Analysis and research on post sterilization technologies for containers
Analysis and tests of compliance with atmospheric emission limits
Analysis by means of molecular biology as well as biochemical, immunoenzymatic, histologic, immunohistochemical, biomechanical, radiographic
Analysis of (clinical) functional requirements
Analysis of chemical compositions and qualitative characteristics of lipid fractions of pig carcasses and thighs
Analysis of contaminants and allergens in raw materials and finished products, flavour analysis, analysis of simple and complex carbohydrates
Analysis of corosion process for the valorization and conservation of cultural heritage