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Results: 64
Air quality modeling
Alternative fuels and distribution networks
Anaerobic digestion for materials and energy production
Analysis and models for groundwater resources management
Analysis and tests of compliance with atmospheric emission limits
Analysis of productive cycles and closed-loop production cycles
Bioindicators and microbiological water analysis
Biomethane upgrading
Biopolymers and microbial polymers
Characterization techniques and pretreatments
Climate adaptation plans and strategies
CO2 capture and storage technologies
Cogeneration and microcogeneration systems
Conversion technologies for chemicals, materials and energy production (pyrolysis, gassification, fermentation, lignocellulosic treatments)
Crowdsensing systems for ecosystem services
Data management and treatment (big and open data)
Data management and treatment (big and open data) for mobility
Energy certification and energy audits
Energy efficiency in industrial processes and buildings
Energy efficiency in residential and public buildings
Energy planning
Energy systems integration
Environmental impact analysis (SIA) and integrated environmental authorization (AIA) of plants and sites
Evaluation and characterization of biomass potential (availability, identification and mapping)
Evaluation of human activities impacts on ecosystems
Evaluation of immunological plant response, genetics and plant physiology
Geothermal plants
Hydroelectric and wave energy
Indoor and outdoor monitoring systems
Industrial ecodesign
Integrated monitoring of terrestrial, marine, and transitional ecosystems
IPCC guidelines for CO2 balance
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA)
Life Cycle Management (LCM)/Life Cycle Thinking (LCT)
Lighting systems
Low cost chemical and physical parameters measurement systems
Low environmental impact logistics
Low environmental impact vehicles