Industrial Research Laboratories

Industrial Research Laboratories are organisations capable of leveraging research results to achieve economic and social benefits. They provide innovations developed specifically for the needs of companies.

They work on research programmes in collaboration with third parties to identify product lines or processes at the scientific and technological research frontier. The Laboratories’ working methods are guaranteed by a Regional accreditation process, which is periodically opened up to new entrants by means of competitions.

The Laboratories can be public (promoted by Universities and Research Organisations), or private (promoted by businesses), and they can be in the form of consortia, interdepartmental centres, or companies.

Innovation centres

The Innovation centres located throughout the region are an essential resource for the development of businesses. They promote innovation and technological know-how transfer by means of several activities:

  • Information, dissemination, and technological demonstration
  • Technological check-ups and evaluations of businesses
  • Technical services and assistance to develop research and technological innovation projects and activities
  • Identification and hook up with technological partners and creation of research and innovation networks
  • Access to finance and support to set up research and innovation projects.
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