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Results: 187
Acoustic analyses in anechoic and semi-anechoic chamber according to standards
Acquisition and pre-processing of signals for model identification
Active control of noise and vibration
Additive manufacturing processes (3D printing, SLA rapid prototyping, etc.)
Algorithms and systems for fault detection
Algorithms for fault identification
Analysis and preliminary planning: Design project management (PDM / PLM)
Analysis of the time to failure of components and systems
Anti-vibration systems: design and installation criteria
Biosensors (enzymes, cells, antibodies,analyte and ions)
Carbon-based materials (graphene oxides, TPG, etc.)
Ceramic materials (oxides, nitrides, carbides, etc.)
Ceramic matrix composites and nanocomposites
Certification and declaration of conformity for machines, industrial plants and systems for the production of energy
Chatter in machining processes: analysis and reduction
Chemical, gas, indoor air quality sensors, Lab-on-Chip
Cognition and autonomy for robots in unstructured environments
Compliant joints: design and dynamics
Conceptual design: analysis of customer needs and development of alternative concepts
Conceptual design: graphic rendering, augmented reality, virtual reality
Contactless experimental vibration measurements using laser doppler vibrometers
Continuous-time and discrete-time mathematical modeling of systems and processes
Control algorithms and cognitive techniques
Control architectures for actuators
Conventional welding processes (arc, TIG, MIG / MAG, resistance, etc.)
Corrosion: protection and inhibition
Data transmission systems, communications (bus, internet, wireless, etc.)
Design and architecture of components and systems for internal combustion engines
Design and architecture of components and systems for turbomachines (turbines, compressors and fans)
Design and architecture of components and systems for volumetric machines
Design and architecture of components, systems and equipments for the heat exchange, heating and air conditioning
Design and architecture of components, systems and equipments, for fluid power transmission
Design and architecture of components, systems and plants for the production of energy
Design and architecture of systems and machines for thermal management and fluids in industrial and technological plants
Design for Assembly / assembly analysis, tolerance chains and technical product documentation (CAD / CAT)
Design for Engineering Materials: methods and techniques for the exploitation of engineered materials
Design for Ergonomics (Digital Mock Up, HMI - Human Machine Interface, User centered design, User experience, Usability)