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Results: 242
3D modeling for museums exhibition design
3D modeling of human remains
Advanced numerical modeling of aquaduct systems and application of optimization algorithms (management and loss mitigation)
Ageing test for the valorization and conservation of cultural heritage
Ageing tests for degradation products and verification of structural, petrophysical and textural changes
Analysis and economic evaluation of energy production from geothermal sources and analysis of the impact on aquifer.
Analysis and enhancement of production technologies of metals, ceramics, glasses, decorative surfaces
Analysis of corosion process for the valorization and conservation of cultural heritage
ANALYSIS of defects origin and CHECKING with respect to construction solutions to achieve quality control and security performances of surfaces.
Analysis of MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK for the protection and valorisation of cultural heritage
Analysis of OPERATIONS, STRATEGIES AND EVALUATIONS OF INVESTMENT PLANNING for interventions on cultural heritage
Analysis of standards
Analysis of the degradation and corrosion phenomenon of metallic materials for the valorization and conservation of cultural heritage
Analysis of the porosity and of the effects of consolidation
Analysis of the Standards concerning the methods of measurement of MATERIALS and COMPONENTS properties
Analysis, energy audit and certification of buildings
Archaeometric investigation of anthropological, archaeological and paleontological remains
Architectural, stratigraphic and 3D survey for cultural heritage and contemporary art
Assessment of priorities and process of design strategies to find a solution for buildings damage
Assessment of the absence of toxic and harmful substances in building materials (asbestos, radioactive minerals, radon, ...)
Assistance to building - technical systems integrated design
Assistance to design and management of maintenance activities for existing buildings (Monitoring Plan, Security)
Building tender services
Buildings mapping connected to database for buildings management (BIM models)
Catalogue of high-performance PLANT SYSTEMS
Catalogue of INSULATING MATERIALS (organic and inorganic) and generation of ad hoc catalogues
Catalogue of the different types of FIXTURES
Cataloguing and ICCD inventory
Cataloguing of non-traditional cultural heritage
Cataloguing services of works of art
Cataloguing, evaluation and diagnosis of the conservation state of the buildings and artefacts
Characterization of biological attack on specimens
Chemical analysis of soluble salts and identification of degradation product for the valorization and conservation of cultural heritage
Chemical Analysis of trace and ultra-trace elements for ARTEFACTS CHARACTERIZATION, and of materials for treatment and restoration
Chemical, metallurgical and microstructural analysis of steels, copper alloys and other metallic ALLOYS for the valorization and conservation of cultural heritage
Classification and certification of ornamental rocks and painting pigments
Coatings, surface treatments and non - destructive techniques
Communication and educational design project
Communication databases for exhibition design
COMPARATIVE TESTS in natural conditions (in the field) and accelerated lifetime (in the laboratory)