Filament Winding

CNC Laboratory Filament Winding Machine

Machine Type:                          MLW 3

Number of Axes:                      3

Number of spindles:                1

Floor based, welded, tempered and fine machined steel construction

Included Axis:                            Spindle, Carriage and Cross-­‐feed axis


Maximum working diameter:            300mm (including composite structure) Maximum working Length:                                  1300mm

Maximum clamping length:               1400 mm (effective mandrel length + shafts) Maximum weight capacity:                                  80 kg (mandrel + composite structure)


Axis data:

Spindle Axis:                 0-­‐100 RPM; Headstock 3-­‐jaw chuck, Tailstock live tail center

Carriage Axis:               0-­‐35 m/min; Maximum travel: 1350mm

Cross-­‐Feed Axis:          0-­‐20 m/min; Maximum travel 150mm


All  axis  motors  are  servomotor  with  feedback.  Full  machine  servo  axes  functionality  with interpolation capability.


CONTROL SYSTEM:  CNC – Computer Control System; Mikrosam Winding Commander TM  module integration, Laptop PC, Windows; MANUAL and AUTO mode of operation; Metric input system; Set of standard G-­‐code international CNC machine language included; Linear interpolation between all axes; Limit switches safety functions; Home referencing function; E-­‐Stop Function, Safety integrated functions in all modes of operation


PROGRAMMING: Winding Expert LT


RESIN BATH: Carriage Standing Resin Bath; Roller Type Resin Bath; Stainless steel bath, Bars – hardened steel; Resin Pickup – doctor blade; Maximum Resin capacity: 0.6 lit; Number of tows 2 (two) Hot plate electrical heating with temperature range: RT-­‐130oC +/-­‐ 5oC

Secondary, exchangeable resin bath for dip immersion impregnation. Capacity 0.6lit. Material: stainless steel. The two resin baths can be exchanged (manual set-­‐up operation) for different production processes.


FIBER CREEL: Carriage Standing; Number of tows: 2 (two); Outer unwinding spools with 76.2mm; Tension: 5-­‐20 N, friction belt with manual adjustment.

Brand and model
Mikrosam FW type MLW 3
Operational unit
c/o ENEA
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Mattia Morganti
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CertiMaC c/o ENEA, Via Ravegnana 186 Faenza(RA) Tel: 0546678578
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