LFA - Laser Flash Analyzer

High temperature and high performance test instrument for contactless. Measurement of thermal diffusivity, specific heat and thermal conductivity in accordance to ASTM E 1461 from room temperature up to 1500°C (furnace temperature 1500°C; sample temperature 1250°C).

An embedded Xenon flash system is used to generate a short energy pulse at the front side of a plan-parallel sample. A high-speed detector acquires the temperature rise on the rear side. Short distances between sample, flash source and detector result in

the highest sensitivity and reliability of the measured signals.

The integrated sample changer (ASC) allows the measurement of up to 4 different samples in one test setup. The vacuum tight sample chamber can be purged with up to three different gases, controlled via the installed mass flow controller (two for purge

gas inlet to the sample and one for protective gas for the measuring cell). An internal pump allows evacuation and refilling with inert gas so that the graphite coating of the samples remains stable up to the maximum temperature.

The four sample chambers are each equipped with a thermocouple. The active sample position is used for temperature monitoring and control.

The base system consists of a light source, power supply, control electronics, amplifiers and the data acquisition system.

The system is furthermore contains ZoomOptics for focusing on defined sample areas and is prepared for an optional automatic detector refill accessory.

Thermal diffusivity range: 0.01 .. 1000 mm²/s

Specific heat: no limitation, solids only

Thermal conductivity range: 0.1 .. 2000 W/(m*K)

Light pulse source: Xenon flash lamp, with long life time, wide spectrum wave length 150 .. 2000 nm, pulse length selectable between 20 .. 1500


Sensor type: InSb, LN2 cooled

In addition the base system contains our extensive Proteus measurement and analysis software for LFA 467 HT HyperFlash


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LFA 467 HT Netzsch
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