Despite a vast and heterogeneous tangible cultural heritage such as the Italian one, cultural operators still denounce the lack of innovative tools able to facilitate the management of huge amounts of data and to integrate the various heterogeneous and fragmented databases of the variouspublic / private culture operators in an efficient way. SACHER responds to this need through a federated cloud platform that allows access to data related to tangible Cultural Heritage coming from heterogeneous external sources and provides services for processing, searching and presenting the various data in an intuitive and user-friendly way even for non-expert users in the field of ICT technologies. SACHER targets cultural operators specialized in the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of assets, personnel of the Public Administration, but also citizens and tourists interested in the use of Cultural Heritage.

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Rebecca Montanari
Specialization Area
Culture and creativity
cultural heritage
Cloud Computing
3D models
The SACHER 3D CH service allow restorers and maintainers for the management of architectural heritage data and control of all phases of the Cultural Heritage lifecycle
Innovative aspects

The SACHER cloud guarantees accessibility, persistence, sharing and scalability of the use of Cultural Heritage data for public / private cultural operators and citizens/tourists who can create new cultural services oriented to their specific needs with low time-to-market and cheap implementation costs. SACHER also integrates a variety of services that support the multiple skills in on-site management, efficient filing, correct and complete documentation and advanced research of the data necessary for all phases of the restoration activity.

Potential applications

Potential applicability scenarios: - public administrations and subjects responsible for the protection of cultural heritage can keep track of the maintenance and restoration of cultural assets present in their territory; - specialized cultural operators can easily manage the maintenance and restoration of goods thanks to the access and presentation of data on interventions in an easy and fast way; - citizens and tourists can enjoy historical-artistic data related to cultural heritage stored by several public and private database.

Sacher allows cultural operators to map maintenance and restoration interventions with extreme accuracy, all accompanied by technical data and multimedia material.
Application example

The services of SACHER

Application description and results

SACHER offers four different services: • SACHER 3D CH: for restorers and maintainers for the management of architectural heritage data and for the control of all stages of the CH life cycle. The service is able to process and represent in an advanced 3D model a tangible cultural asset on which it is possible to point out the exact points on which to operate the interventions correlating multimedia material to support the documentation. • SACHER CHEApp aimed at users who are not experts in the sector, which allows the creation of differentiated cultural paths based on the cultural data that the SACHER platform makes accessible through the integration of multiple data sources. • SACHER TaaS CH aimed at infrastructure administrators to improve user experience and increase the functionality offered to users. • SACHER MUSE CH aimed at expert and non-expert users that allows aggregating, analyzing and implementing an advanced search engine on data coming from different data sources. In particular, data can be searched using multiple search sizes to enable advanced and targeted queries. The services are accessible via the web from any PC, Tablet or Smarthphone and the software created in SACHER is available at

Involved partners

Softech-ICT (UNIMORE) RomagnaTech Municipality of Bologna Imola Informatica S.p.a. Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.a. Leonardo S.r.l.

Implementation Time
2 Years
Technology Readiness Level
TRL6 - Technology demonstrated in relevant environment (industrially relevant environment in the case of key enabling technologies)

Thanks to the SACHER platform, it will be possible to build methodologies, services and tools that will improve collaboration between public and private bodies, also guaranteeing smaller organizations with less technological resources to benefit from more data / services related to cultural heritage and making accessible their data on a larger scale.

The SACHER infrastructure is able to support fully customizable plug-ins and dedicated services
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