SENECA is a tool to integrate with Environmental Management Systems able to support organizations, particularly in a more efficient management of energy consumption of buildings (both industrial and residential). The service is achieved through a web-based tool developed by Laboratories LECOP and LAERTE. SENECA is aimed primarily at SMEs which, having already done the choice of improving overall their environmental performance, nevertheless do not have additional financial resources nor internal skills needed to address specifically the energy management, already treated in the Environmental Management System (EMS). The prototype has been tested at a number of different type of organizations, certified in conformity ISO 14001 and/or with EMAS registration: SMEs and local P.A.

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Specialization Area
Building and Construction
Energy and Sustainability
Mechatronics and Materials
Web service SENECA
Innovative aspects

Despite a large number of software products carrying out the assessment of energy efficiency of a building being present on the market a number, this tool has added value: it is a web product which enables the manager-researcher to set up a data base of all conducted assessments in anonymous records, in order to perform benchmarking by sector able to evaluate the efficacy of the adopted efficiency measures, in each specific industrial sector.

Potential applications

SENECA can be applied to any type of building, residential or industrial or public offices.

Example of profiles use/consumption
Application example

Energy consumption assessment in a company of the food sector

Application description and results

The web-based tool SENECA uses data of consumption of a building, both the thermic and electric ones, and all other data and information to compute values indicating energy efficiency of the assessed building. The result of the assessment allows the user to easily understanding the state of energy efficiency of the building (SEI: Standardized Energy Index), expressing it through a score from 1 to 10, showed with a coloured scale (from red to green). SENECA is available online free for all people at the website: An user manual has been included in the first page in order to facilitate the input of required data and information and the understanding of results of the assessment. The results encourage further development of the tool in the direction of the objectives 1) and 2) previously indicated and enhancing innovative aspects already described.

Involved partners

The tool has been entirely developed by researchers and technicians of LAERTE and LECOP Laboratories. In the initial phase two small external organizations participated to the work: - Cooperativa Agricola Cesenate (CAC), a company of the food sector already certified in conformity with the standard ISO 14001 and registered EMAS; - the Comune di Brisighella (RN), a local P.A. also certified in conformity with the standard ISO 14001 and registered EMAS.

Implementation Time
The tool is available online for the companies.
Technology Readiness Level
TRL6 - Technology demonstrated in relevant environment (industrially relevant environment in the case of key enabling technologies)

The Laboratories are interested in enhancing the tool, customizing it with any industrial partnership.

Visualization of an evaluated building
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