Many machines have a noise emission largest of 80 dB (A) at the workplace and therefore carry a risk of moise exposure for workers; the demands of the market are to be more and more towards a noise level less than this threshold, thus the manufacturers are engaged in an improvement in sound insulation of the automatic machines. The Laboratory MechLav offers a noise emission optimization service, thanks to the high competence in the field of sound-proofing materials and with the combined experimental and numerical tecniques, achieving the required noise targets while maximizing the effectiveness of the proposed solutions .

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Francesco Pompoli
Specialization Area
Mechatronics and Materials
Acoustic measures in anechoic chamber
Innovative aspects

In the field of automatic machines is not common actually a numerical approach to the acoustic simulation. The mechanical designers usually rely on suppliers of soundproofing materials without any evaluation of the expected results nor any certainty about the actual effectiveness or oversizing of the acoustic treatment. Through the proposed modeling method, it's possible to provide companies a service that can deal with in a short time (a few months), the acoustic design of soundproofing systems, supporting the phase of mechanical design and providing a projection of acoustic results on the new machine. The method is derived from the automotive field, where the design of the vehicle is completely virtual in the first stage of development and the acoustics plays a key role. For application to automatic machines has been customized taking into account the peculiarities, complexities and needs of this field.

Potential applications

The method can be applied to the sector of automatic machines, where the operator exposure is a fundamental parameter for the competitiveness of the product. Other sectors in which it is possible to employ it may be those of the operating machines, of any type and size (reduction of noise emitted in the environment and / or in the cabin), the machines for air conditioning and industrial plants. With the necessary corrections, the method is also applicable to the construction sector.

Acoustics design process of a part of the automatic machine
Application example

Acoustic design of a new machine for the production of pharmaceutical tablets

Application description and results

The activity was carried out with IMA PHARMA and involved the design of a new tablet press for the production of pharmaceutical tablets. The first experimental activity was carried out on the actual machine, which presented higher sound levels of 80 dB (A) and therefore required the use of protective devices from the noise by the operator. Through a vibro-acoustic survey were identified the main sound sources and acoustic performance of gaskets, product expulsion holes, inspection panels and installed soundproofing materials. In the design of the new machine, was developed a simplified acoustic model of the machine, based on a statistical approach to energy, and were evaluated analytically the best acoustic solutions that would ensure the achievement of the target sound design (sound pressure level < 80 dB(A); some solutions (for example, taxes seals from the design of the machine) have been tested experimentally on prototypes that reproduce parts of acoustic interest machinery. The activity was carried out in parallel to the machine design in close contact with the designers of IMA PHARMA, and has led to the achievement of the set target. Significant reduction in the sound level at operator, fell below the threshold of 80 dB (A). The company launched the new model with the movie: recognizing the importance of collaboration with MechLav (University of Ferrara), dedicating a part in the anechoic chamber.

Involved partners


Implementation Time
4 man months
Technology Readiness Level
TRL9 - Actual system proven in operational environment (competitive manufacturing in the case of key enabling technologies; or in space)

MechLav is interested in developing similar projects with other companies, aimed at Soundproofing of automatic machines and other industrial machinery, with the use of innovative methodologies and tools of analysis and the transfer of know-how to the company staff.

The new model of soundproofed tablet press
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