The EDIT Value tool supports companies, especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), step-by-step and thanks to specific forms and checklists, in raising their awareness about the quantity and quality of the resources they use, the real costs linked to them and the related reduction potentials. The tool, guided by an expert consultant, facilitate a global and systemic vision of products, processes and management systems within the company, thus avoiding to neglect improvement areas often not considered that can be of strategic importance for the enterprise.

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Sara Cortesi
Caterina Rinaldi
Specialization Area
Energy and Sustainability
Edit Value tool
Innovative aspects

Simplification of the identification of the environmental priorities of a company and of the selection of an eco-innovation path. Life cycle approach to analyse industrial systems and their environmental, social and economic interrelations with the company context, taking in consideration also what happens “outside of the gates” of the enterprise (raw material extraction, use, distribution, and product disposal). Extension of the innovation opportunities, identifying aspects and phases that could be improved and often are neglected.

Potential applications

EDIT Value is well suited to be used in different industrial sectors. Thanks to its modular structure, it’s possible to exclude or modify some parts in relation to the needs of a specific sector or company. Designed to be a tool to be used by consultants, it can be used also directly by the company management staff, if properly trained.

Diagram that shows the process followed during an EDIT Value analysis.
Application example


Application description and results

EDIT Value tool has been successfully tested in two Italian companies with the support of LCA-lab srl and the LCA and Eco-design Laboratory of ENEA Bologna, one of the tool developer. Even if the two companies belong to different industrial sectors (wood and furniture sector and rolling shutter components), EDIT Value has proved to be effective in both cases in identifying the intervention areas, considered as priorities by the involved companies, for an improvement in resource efficiency. Thanks to the directions suggested by the evaluation of the company needs and the influence of the main stakeholders, and thanks to the analysis of all the industrial aspects with a life cycle approach, the enterprises could deepen the knowledge of their own models of supply, management and transformation of resources, establishing the bases for the identification of strategies to make their use more efficient. The use of EDIT Value in the companies involved in the tests underlines excellent possibilities for the tool during the screening phase: the analysis of the needs of the company and of the stakeholders involved in the analysed systems, the evaluation of the main input and output flows and the suggested holistic approach allowed to identify the priority areas for intervention and to suggest effective strategies to improve efficiency.

Involved partners

Stafer Spa, Moretti Compact Spa

Implementation Time
1 month
Technology Readiness Level
TRL6 - Technology demonstrated in relevant environment (industrially relevant environment in the case of key enabling technologies)

EDIT Value has been tested in 18 SMEs in Europe. For more information:

EDIT Value results graph: level of significance of the considered aspects.
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