The dispenser system BIOMASS DISP mainly consists of a completely isolated fiberglass tank, a submersible pump, pipes connecting to the water supply to the plant and biogas and a bioactive catalyst Biocat + . The system is fed with water from the water network and conveys it into the main tank, operating at a temperature of about 40 ° C. Here, thanks to the action of the catalyst Biocat + in suspension, the substrate undergoes a first treatment and then feeds the anaerobic digestion plant for biogas production.

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Mauro Venturini
Specialization Area
Energy and Sustainability
View of a biogas plant
Innovative aspects

The catalyst is suitable for the environment in which it is inserted and shows effectiveness in the stabilization of the sludge of the anaerobic digestion process; it also increases the production of methane and reduces the formation of odorous species such as hydrogen sulphide.

Potential applications

The system is suitable for anaerobic digestion processes in the field of water treatment , biogas production for the energy sector and in the treatment of decontamination of soil pollutants.

Main tank of the BIOMASS DISP system
Application example

Power plants fed with biogas

Application description and results

The system was installed in some energy systems fed with biogas and proved effective for the sludge stabilization process, to increase biogas production and reduce the number of undesired components such as hydrogen sulphide. The effectiveness of the BIOMASS DISP system was tested experimentally. An increase of biogas production and an improvement of process stability were observed. In the considered test case, thanks to the system BIOMASS DISP, an increase of methane-to-biogas fraction from about 53 % to about 56 % was observed.

Involved partners

Delta Engineering Services Srl

Implementation Time
About 6 man/months depending on the type of plant
Technology Readiness Level
TRL7 - System prototype demonstration in operational environment
Scheme of the flows in the BIOMASS DISP system
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